Simplicity and Convenience

Compared with charcoal and other wood-fired grills, pellet smokers are simpler and cleaner and easier, giving more control than traditional smokers. Wood pellets are dense, burn hot and smooth, and can be easily fed into the flame with an automatic auger, allowing for consistent temperature with minimal effort. Our smokers let you practically set it and forget it, thanks to their digital controllers. Pellet grills are also efficiently cheap, often using as little as half a kilo of pellets an hour.




What makes a pellet smoker so popular isn’t just the taste it creates but its ease of use. You can easily set it up and leave it until it’s done. There is no babysitting, hoovering or double checking required. The reason for this, internal temperature control.


All our smokers models, have a temperature probe, these sensors tell it if the temperature is too low and automatically feeds more pellets to the fire. You can set up the temperature in 15-degree increments. Other brands and cheaper versions only offer three settings low, medium and high. There is no sensor to monitor the temperature. If you are purchasing a pellet grill it is because you can set it and forget it. If you plan to hoover then it makes more sense to use a standard smoker or to transform your grill into a smoker.


Our smokers have automatic starts and large drip pans making prep and clean up just as easy as cooking. Also, you can load up the chamber and not worry about uneven cooking.




Pellets are all natural and are available in a variety of wood flavors. There are no chemicals and they burn almost completely leaving very little ash. Only use grilling pellets; don’t use home heating pellets. Our 9 Kg hopper capacity allowing allowing for long smoking with the need to reload.