The Echidna Wood Pellet Smoker


The Echidna Wood Pellet Smoker

$1,550.00 $1,450.00

Enjoy wood-fired perfection with the Echidna wood pellet smokers. The high-end unit comes with a new furnace body to maximise the omnidirectional heat protection and minimise the heat loss. Yes, it’s the highly efficient wood pellet smoker and grill unit you are searching for and can be a great addition for your barbecuing experiments. 


It also features three levels of secondary smoking racks that come with adjustable height. With the multiple smoking racks, you can manage your grilling and smoking better and ensure efficient operations. 


With the following features, you will find this affordable unit got all the high-end grill features: 


  • Option to add an extra smoking rack if you need more space, in addition to the three secondary smocking racks. 
  • Internal water or fluid reservoir. 
  • New hopper door to empty the pellets. 
  • Side table as optional. 
  • Front table as optional (More information in Accessories). 
  • Rotisserie set as an optional (More information in Accessories). 

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Weight80 kg
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