The Huntsman – The Traditional BBQ Smoker

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Get the feel of a traditional BBQ smoker that features the latest wood pellet smoking technology and makes your cooking experiments unrestricted. Take the most delicious platter to your dining table with this efficient, smart grilling technology.


Smoking is a hassle-free, creative, and fun experience with our Huntsman traditional BBQ smoker. With the easy-to-operate control panel, you can grill, smoke, or bake your meat to the optimum level. The heavy-duty steel construction ensures excellent durability with minimal maintenance requirements.


The four castors of the BBQ Smoker allow you to move it around your patio, deck, garage, backyard, or anywhere you want to keep it, hassle-free.


Heating Technology

  • Auto-ignition technology.
  • Set and Forget Digital Control System.
  • Eight pre-set temperatures.


  • 9 kg hopper capacity.
  • High-temperature powder coat.
  • Grease can.


  • Total Cooking Surface: 0.45 Sq. m or 4,550 sq. cm (690 sq. in.)
  • Main Level: 70 cm X 49 cm Cooking area of 3,430 sq. cm (507 sq. in.)
  • Upper Level: 70 cm X 16 cm Cooking area of 1,120 sq. cm (173 sq. in.)
  • Removable top grate.
  • High-quality steel with enamel layer grill, very easy to maintain.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Seams welded, heat-resistant powder coated.
  • Drip pan protects against flare-ups by catching food drippings.
Additional Information
Weight65 kg